polyethylene F7000 – polyethylene 7000F

what is PolyEthylene F7000 ?

Polyethylene F7000 is a lightweight and durable thermoplastic with a variable crystal structure.

Polyethylene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world and is produced annually by tens of millions of tons worldwide.


Features of PE F7000

Low molecular weight

Simple structure

Frequent uses

The heat is soft

Different grades

Applications polyethylene F7000 in industries:

Manufacture of safety equipment

Construction of water tanks

Making toys

Manufacture of pipes and fittings

Production of plastic parts

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Product Name: PolyEthylene F7000 ( PolyEthylene 7000F )

Chemical name: PE F7000 ( PE 7000F )

Appearance: Transparent granules

Grade: F7000

Country of origin: Iran

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